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Witels Albert USA Introduces New RS Series Straighteners

Oxford, Maryland, Jan 13, 2009 –

Minimized deformation under load, high precision and a reliable quick-response locking mechanism (suitable in particular high-strength wires) are features of the newly developed RS straightening units.

Users will like the easy operation caused by the quick closing mechanism and the roll adjustment mechanisms located only on one site of the straightener. The roll diameter and the distance between straightening rolls have been optimized in order to be able to straighten process materials that have a wide range of diameter sizes. The straightening rolls can be regreased and are prepared for resisting high speeds and high loads. As an option alternative roll materials or specific coatings can be realized. Straighteners RS series are available in five sizes at the present time, which allows the straightening of wire between 1.5mm and 9.0mm diameter.


Witels Albert USA Introduces New Feeders for the Wire, Tube, and Cable Industries.

Oxford, Maryland, September 26, 2006 – For applications that require maximum levels of pulling force, Witels Albert USA now offers two new feeders (also know as drive units), the NA S and the NAD S. The 2-roll NA S and the 4-roll NAD S are suitable for operations that work with wire, tube and cable in coil making, cutting, forming and straightening applications.

The NA S and NAD S Feeders each utilize a pneumatic cylinder for maximum clamping and pulling forces. Unlike other feeders that that are limited in applied force by the size of the unit’s housing, the NA S and NAD S Feeders are unaffected by the size of the unit as the pneumatic cylinder is positioned on top of the housing. Consequently, the increased cylinder size yields greater clamping and pulling forces. Designed to move wire, tube, and cable in coil making, cutting, forming and straightening applications, both units can easily handle material diameters from 0.5mm – 15mm. “However”, states company general manager Bob Flower, “depending on the particular application and the material being handled, larger diameters are also possible”.

Witels Albert USA is also pleased to introduce the addition of a new on-line catalog to their website: www.witels-albert-usa.com. “The on-line catalog contains both general and specific technical information about our products that are used in the wire, cable, tube, flat strip, wire rope, and profile shape industries”, states Mr. Flower. “More and more industrial products users want to have product information available immediately. We built our catalog to address that need.” In the same vein the parent company, Witels Albert GmbH, Berlin , Germany recently launched their new website: www.witels-albert.com.

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