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Choosing the right straightener, wire guide, or tube feeder can be confusing. Variables such as material type, wire straightener alignment, and other system components should all be considered. If you would like advice on the most suitable flatwire straightener, wire guide, wire feeder, or other component, we’re here to help. Witels Albert experienced technical sales and engineering departments are well versed in the mechanics of the straightening process.

Maybe you are in a hurry and are not finding the tube feeder you are looking for.  Or maybe you need to have your wire guide order expedited. Call us or reach us through the the “contact us” link above if Witels Albert can help you in any way. 

   We promise we will. Quickly. Efficiently. Pleasantly.

Meanwhile, we hope you will take a look at one or more of our product lines below:
  • Wire straighteners, with roll or rotary configuration, produce uniformly straight wire, tube, strip, cable, wire rope and profile shape. We have more than 17 models for material diameters from 0.5 up to 40mm. Units available with 3 to 14 rolls, in single or double plane arrangements. Request a Quote.
  • Wire guides, and similarly designed tube guides, strip and flatwire guides, cable guides, wire rope guides and profile shape guides, handle materials of .01 mm to more than 250 mm diameter and more than 300mm wide.  Fifteen models available with a variety of roll materials, roll coatings, and bearing options
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  • Wire straightening rolls and guide rolls, and similarly designed tube straightening rolls, and strip and flatwire straightening rolls are designed for maximum service life. Cable straightening rolls, wire rope straightening rolls, and profile shape straightening rolls are also available for a wide range of manufacturing applications. Made with thick walled outer rings, straightening and guide rolls retain their strength after cutting of custom sized grooves.  Available in sizes from 4 – 250mm OD, straightening and guide rolls are made with a variety of materials and coatings. A quick, no-tool roll changing system is also available.
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  • Tube Straighteners, with increased roller pitch configuration, produce uniformly straight tube and tubing with less working of tube material. In addition, unique U-groove rollers reduce product marking and deformation. Units are available with 3 to 14 rolls, in single or double plane arrangements, and handle tubing diameters up to 60mm.
  • Preformer and preform heads are available in various sizes to suit different wire, wire rope, stranded wire, and profile shapes. Uncomplicated and easy to handle, preformers are designed to preform material to a shape suitable for one lay length or a range of lay lengths. Performers handle lay lengths from 10 – 900mm.
  • Wire feeders and similarly designed tube feeders, strip and flatwire feeders, cable feeders, wire rope feeders and profile shape feeders, handle materials of .6mm to more than 40 mm in diameter or 80mm in width.  Many models available to handled delicate tube, hardened steels and everything in between.
  • Computerized wire straightener adjustment system CT1 and CT2. Computerized tool for precise and reproducible roller position adjustment on any number of wire straighteners and rolls. CS semi-automatic adjustment system utilizing individual adjustment motors for each adjustment roll.
  • Witels Albert simulation program - software for the determination of roller positions based on the wire straightener parameters and material specifications.

Witels Albert supplies a variety of straightener accessories for ease of set-up and “repeatability” of settings. For example: quick opening/closing options, roller position indicators, locking levers, entry/exit guide pulleys, guide dies, micrometer adjustment, guards, and Witels Albert proprietary software packages that allow for automatic or semi-automatic positioning of rollers and other components.

In addition, our wide range of range of raw material handling products includes wire straighteners, tube straighteners, wire guides, tube guides, tube feeders and wire feeders or drive units, cable straighteners, strip straighteners, flatwire straighteners, custom built feeding machines, straightening rolls , preformers or preform heads , sleeve rolls for high speed and high temperature applications, computerized wire straightener and tube straightener adjustment systems, and Witels Albert proprietary software packages that allow for automatic or semi-automatic positioning of rollers and other components.

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